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Great News: Successful Completion and Acceptance of Vitebsk Hydropower Station, Belarus

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At 15:00, July 31st 2017, right after signing the hydropower station overall completion and acceptance report by the general manager of the Energy Bureau of Vitebsk, Mr. Luggin at the conference room of Vitebsk hydropower station plant, relevant governmental departments and owners signed the acceptance report as well immediately, marking the on-schedule completion and official delivery of the project of Vitebsk Hydropower Station contracted by the CNEEC and the kickoff of its one-year project quality warranty period.

Governments of both China and Belarus and leaders at all levels have all attached great importance to the Belarus Vitebsk hydropower station project, officially signed on December 27th 2010, since its commencement on April 11th 2012. The vice premier and the vice director of Department of Energy of Belarus, the ambassador of China in Belarus and the leaders of the Ministry of Commerce successively paid frequent visits to the project site. In the course of a 5-year construction period, employees at the project department of CNEEC in Belarus, worked together as one, overcame difficulties and proactively assumed the responsibility. With their endeavors and the supports and assistances from leaders at all levels and the corporate departments, the project is finally completed with both the construction progress and quality being highly recognized by all parties involved, establishing a new monument of CNEEC in Belarus.





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